Feed Owner API v0.9 Documentation

Broadcastify Feed Owner API Version 0.9 - 4/14/2015

The broadcastify feed owner API is available to feed providers to provide:

  • Status and statistics in real-time
  • Feed archive listings and URLs

Access is restricted to feed providers and the feeds that they own.

API Endpoint URL

  • http://api.broadcastify.com/owner/
  • https://api.broadcastify.com/owner/ (Secure)

Required API Parameters

  • a = action (API Methods - see below)
  • type = response type (json or xml)
  • feedId = unique feed ID
  • u = feed owner Broadcastify username
  • p = feed owner Broadcastify password



API Methods


Returns details on an individual feed

Example:  - returns feed details in json format


- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID


Returns all dates that a feed has archives available / or links to all archives for a specific date.  

Example:  - returns date listing in xml format


- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID

Example:  - returns all archives available for that day for that feed in json format. You get back the timeframe for the archive and the download link to the archive.


- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID, date = Date in YYYY-MM-DD

NOTE: Feed archive data is for personal use only by the feed owner/provider and may not be used for commercial purposes or redistributed in any shape or form.  Broadcastify reserves the right to restrict access to this API method at any time.

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  • 0
    Johnny Sullivan

    I like to listen

  • 0
    Johnny Sullivan

    To current live feed from the local police in Dallas,Texas and also other feeds such as air trafic

  • 0

    The channel Bakersfield Police is not sounding at all,but We can see its streaming!please advise

  • 0
    Angel Reyna

    I wish it would pick up for hays county police. It has fire and dispatch, but it does not get a lot of calls :/. I want to hear action going on :)

  • 0
    Daniel Sieczynski

    I used to listen to Chesterfield Michigan police and fire i live in New Baltimore and they use the dispatcher it's not available how can i ask someone to broadcast it?

  • 0

    Hi I'm Jimmy fox I like to listen to Washington Warren and Saratoga county fire and EMS.

  • 0
    Jazmyn Tomasini

    hi i am jazmyn and i like to listen in merrill wi 

    and i live in merrill wi


  • 0

    Walt BTU
    I would like to have the feed owner of the Butte County Fire, EMS, Sheriff, etc to make contact with me if possible so that I may be able to lend a hand or knowledge to help improve his/ her feed.as some communications are hard to hear. The feed for the most part is stable and good quality audio. There are a couple of Cal-Fire repeaters that are really noisy and I may be able to help make that better.
    walt957@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • 0

    CALL ME 


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